Bhakti yoga: The path of love

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Bhakti yoga is the path of devotion that can lead every sincere seeker to self-realization. This book explains the devotional evolution that starts from an experience of a personal God and culminates in the unity of the lover and the loved. With astounding insight, Prabhuji describes a process that divinizes the earthly, spiritualizes the material, and transforms worldly attachments into transcendental love.

This yogic path reveals that far from being an interaction with another person, love is the perfume that emanates from our own presence, here and now. When we experience this love, we discover that it is not an emotion or a feeling but what is real within us. Bhakti is the purest and most elevated love arising from the depths of consciousness and the silence of meditation.

Prabhuji is a writer and a mystic who has chosen to retire from society and lead a solitary life. He spends his days completely secluded from the public, writing in silence and absorbed in contemplation. Prabhuji does not offer any sat-sangs, courses, or lectures, nor does he accept disciples or followers. He shares his teachings only through books and online videos. We ask everybody to respect his privacy.

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