Kundalini yoga: The power is in you

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Kundalini Yoga the power is in you offers clear explanations of ancient wisdom. The book clarifies the symptoms and the effects of the awakening of kundalini and offers detailed descriptions of each chakra and its functions. The goal of kundalini yoga is to reveal the very secret of creation, which lies within us. It involves an invitation to awaken our dormant divine potential. Rather than isolating us from life and the world, this path teaches us that within every moment, lies the eternal; within all places, lies the infinite; within every human being, lies God.

Prabhuji is a writer and a mystic who has chosen to retire from society and lead a solitary life. He spends his days completely secluded from the public, writing in silence and absorbed in contemplation. Prabhuji does not offer any satsangs, courses, or lectures, nor does he accept disciples or followers. He shares his teachings only through books and online videos. We ask everybody to respect his privacy.

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