Soy Candle Root Chakra Muladhara


Grounding and Serenity – 10.5oz

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These scented pure soy candles were crafted in accordance with ancient Kundalini wisdom in order to open and stimulate the seven main energy centers (chakras) located in our astral body. This candle is aesthetically pleasing while fulfilling the intention to bring serenity and the sense of being grounded.

Aroma: This aromatherapy candle features Sandalwood.

  • Top notes: Ocean Mist Accord, Shredded Coconut.
  • Middle notes: Iris Petals, Coconut Milk, Cyclamen.
  • Dry notes: Mysore Sandalwood, Patchouli, Crystallized Musk.

Intention: Burn this candle to facilitate the opening of the Muladhara Chakra, the first energy center that, when functioning properly, brings the feeling of being grounded and serene. This chakra brings us in touch with the element of earth.

“If mūlādhāra-cakra is functioning normally, we experience an intense desire to live. It is closely tied to confidence and our relationship to money, home, and work. It influences our ability to nourish ourselves and stay strong. If this center is open, it allows us to clearly analyze situations we find ourselves in. We experience great strength of will, constancy, capacity for renewal, and we feel very close to nature. A proper connection with the first center keeps us appropriately situated in the physical reality, with a fighting spirit and essential tools for our development in the world.” From the book Kundalini… the power is in you by Prabhuji.