Greeting Card – Judaica – Hamsa Shema Israel

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On the cover:
The Hebrew word ‘Simcha’, which means: Joy.

Inside:  Blank

The Hebrew word ‘Simcha’ means joy. Joy is a fundamental element in life. all of one’s virtues and rites receive their true valve if done with joy. In the Bible, God orders His people to be happy and rejoice whenever possible, for their adherence to spiritual values.

Line description: These Hebrew- English greeting cards feature Judaic motifs alongside words, phrases, wisdom and blessings from rich tradition.  The original Hebrew word is a mystical key that opens doors to the soul. Share joy, inspiration, friendship, beauty, and every occasion expression with the Hebrew phrase featured in the original language, and its meaning in English.

The cards printed on quality dark kraft cover, using minimalist color palettes, deliver notion of simplicity, authenticity, and warmth.


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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 cm